Do you have any Outlets?

Maaz Safder Fragrances (MS Fragrances) along with an E-commerce store http://maazsafder.store have two physical outlets,

1. Atrium Mall, Karachi, Pakistan

2. Square One Mall, Karachi, Pakistan

Are these Original?

Yes, they are original products by 'Team Maaz Safder". 

Are you selling real products?

We are selling authentic and high-quality fragrances. Our perfume oils are used with high-quality ingredients to create a newly inspired aroma that you will like.

Maaz Safder Fragrances are unique in its kind and not replica of any other brand We do not use any other fragrances and are not associated in any way with the other designers' brands or their manufacturers. All trademarks are property of Maaz Safder Fragrances.


How long does it last?

Lasting varies for every perfume. The lasting duration of any fragrance depends on the application area, season, and quantity of application.

Should I buy from an Online Store?

Well, buying online with us itself a pleasant experience with the cover of return and exchange policies, on the other hand our elegant outlets are also open for you in business hours to serve you and to give Realtime testing and choice.


What’s the best way to store perfumes?

Perfume should always be kept in a cold dark place if you wish to store them longer. 

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