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About me

A Great Son, an Amazing Husband, and a Lovable Brother.

As born in the golden era of Pakistani Music, I always like to sing songs, from an early age, I was not the shy one among my siblings, I always wanted to stand out and do and try different things. I was not that good at studies but luckily I passed out with good grades. Coming from a middle-class family living in Karachi. I always have dreams to be successful at an early age and by the grace of Allah and my parents’ blessing. I’m who I’m right now.

Well, why do I want to launch a perfume?

As I became more popular on YouTube and Instagram, I have to meet officials and celebrities all the time.

One thing I noticed in all the celebrities and popular people. They all smell amazing.

Those were the days I understand the importance of a fragrance, a person who smells nice is automatically more attractive and impressive. Being part of that circle, I started having a habit of using expensive fragrances. Trust me it is hard to smell nice because coming from a middle-class family buying a perfume worth 30, 40k is real hard.

So that was the day I made up my mind that everyone deserves to smell nice and confident. And One day I will launch my perfume brand for EVERYONE.

Our major hurdle was to create an amazing smell and it should be reasonable in price for everyone. After months of hard work, we finally created a great smell and brings the price as low as possible. So that everyone can afford it.

So I’m introducing MS Fragrances my own perfume collection for all my loved ones, who are always with me in every step of my life.

I wanted to give back something to all my fans and loved ones to make them more confident so that they can proudly say that I m a part of Maaz Safder’s World.

“Make your first impression, Impressive” Maaz Safder

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